Dina Lichtman Smith

Dr. Dina Lichtman’s coaching practice encompasses corporate leaders, scientists, physicians, financial executives and men and women in new leadership positions. Dina is especially skilled in working with high-level executives and leaders who need to quickly assimilate into a new corporate cultures or who have stared their own businesses.

Dina has coached individuals on performance enhancement, assimilation into new and merged cultures, emotional intelligence and leadership impact and development. As an executive coach, Dina has worked one-on-one with individuals addressing issues of self awareness and the trigger mechanisms involved in behaviors that are success-building; improvement and enhancement of presentation and platform skills; the development of strategies to anticipate behaviors and reactions and others; the ability to understand and implement quality relationships within teams and organizations.

Dina’s in-depth knowledge of individual and organizational dynamics is based on 25 years of experience. Once an individual and/or a company realize where they want to go, Dina can get them there. She has the technical skills and the innate presence to work with individuals in clarifying their goals and designing an action plan that specifies steps to reach those goals.

Additional Activities

Dina has also been an executive coach for the Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania and wrote an online blog for Smart Enterprise exchange, a magazine for CIO and CTO executives.

Dina also works with the Holocaust Museum of Philadelphia, accompanying survivors to local schools to recount their experiences in concentration camps.