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Be the change you want to see and help us elect Democrats in PA!

We urge you to contribute to the Democratic Jewish Outreach PA ad campaign. DJOP was founded in 2008 to support of Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign. Since then it has grown to be a significant asset to progressive Democratic ideals and candidates. As a Federal PAC we support only candidates from Pennsylvania for the US Congress, Senate and the US Presidency. We have run ads in support of candidates in multiple media outlets. We have contributed to numerous candidates and held fundraising events on their behalf.

We anticipate being extremely active in the months leading up to the November elections. While it might sound hyperbolic, this fall’s Congressional elections unquestionably are the most significant in our lifetimes. The continuation of the outrageous behavior and policies of President Trump and the cowardly acquiescence of the Republican Party will have profound consequences for decades to come. We owe our children and our grandchildren a return to sanity, compassion and decency in government. Please give generously to the Democratic Jewish Outreach of PA so that we may continue to do our work. We again will run ads in multiple media outlets in support of PA’s federal Democratic candidates. Please join us by visiting the link below

IMPORTANT NOTE: Donors will receive an email asking them to complete a survey. The survey will ask how they prefer their name to appear in the ad campaign.

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The Mission of Democratic Jewish Outreach PA

DJOP’s mission is to support Democratic candidates running in Pennsylvania who best reflect Jewish values, including: Tikkun Olam, assisting the less fortunate, treating strangers and foreigners with kindness, and equality for all.

Since forming DJOP in 2008, we have proudly supported federal, state and local Democratic candidates who advocate for a woman’s right to choose, gun safety, a clean environment, campaign finance reform, health care and quality education for all, and a strong and secure Israel. The main tool we use to assist candidates is running ads in Jewish and high-circulation, non-Jewish media expressing the support of the Jewish community. During the 2016 election cycle, we ran print and online ads in the Jewish Exponent, Philadelphia Jewish Voice, and Philadelphia Inquirer, thanks to funding from our supporters.

While the results of the 2016 General Election were surprising and extremely disappointing, we remain strongly committed to the work we began in 2008. The anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-environment, anti-media, anti-government statements, policies, actions, and appointments of the Trump administration are actually worse than expected. The President’s words and deeds will require close and constant scrutiny, and resistance.

The Democratic Party must determine how best to speak to the voters it lost in this election. We intend to play a prominent role in this discussion. And we will continue to raise our voice in the public arena and to provide opportunities for productive exchanges of views within our community. To engage with us, follow us on Facebook, visit our website, and email us ( We also publish a bi-monthly e-newsletter; visit to sign up.

With gratitude for the support of the Jewish community for our efforts and determination to fight on for a just society,

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Nina Rosenthal · Burt Siegel · Jill Zipin

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