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Democratic Jewish Outreach PA (DJOP) was started in 2008 by David Broida, Bill Epstein, Brett Goldman, Burt Siegel, and Jill Zipin. DJOP is a collective Jewish voice to speak for the principles which many of us cherish and would like to see more strongly represented in our national government. We are a PAC that stands shoulder to shoulder with Democratic candidates who embody the shared values of Equality, Justice, Freedom, and Democracy. We then lend support to these candidates through advertisements in various media outlets.

DJOP runs speaker events which also raise money for our PAC. We have had many notable speakers including: Governor Ed Rendell, Congressman Jamie Raskin, Congressman Brendan Boyle, Jef Pollock, Dave Daley, Saul Shorr, State Rep Jennifer O’Mara and Dick Pollman, and many, many more.  Check out our speakers on the DJOP YouTube Channel and our Past Events page.

Since DJOP was formed in 2008, we have proudly stood for a women’s right to choose, freedom from gun violence, a clean green environment, and campaigns powered by ordinary people-not corporations. We have also promoted the ability of people to pursue the American dream through affordable healthcare and education. As well, we have always supported a strong and secure Israel.


To learn more about the leadership team, you can visit our board members’ pages below:

David Broida (Founder)
Bill Epstein (Founder)
Brett Goldman (Founder)
Burt Siegel (Founder)
Jill Zipin (Founder and Chair)
Ruth Damsker
Harvey Freedenberg
Steve Irwin
Adam Kessler
Sue Berman Kress
Judith Lasker
Evan Myers
Paige Seeherman
Dina Lichtman Smith
Martin Raffel
Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom
Nina Rosenthal
Rabbi Joshua Runyan
Marla Werner
Howard Zipin


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