About DJOP

Democratic Jewish Outreach PA (DJOP) was started in 2008 by David Broida, Bill Epstein, Brett Goldman, Burt Siegel, and Jill Zipin. We started the organization because as Jewish individuals, we care deeply about electing candidates who reflect Jewish values. We strive for a government that is dedicated to the societal responsibilities embedded in Jewish law and teachings, such as equality for all, assisting the less fortunate, and treating strangers and foreigners with kindness.

Our mission remains the same today: to support Democratic candidates running in Pennsylvania who best reflect Jewish values, such as women’s reproductive freedom, equal opportunity for all, ending gun violence, a clean environment, quality public education, and of course, support of Israel. The main tool we use to assist candidates we are backing is running advertisements in Jewish and high-circulation, non-Jewish media expressing our support.

The current leadership of DJOP consists of the five original founders, along with William Madway. To learn more about the leadership team, visit our Leadership page.

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