DJOP says Republican Jewish Coalition’s statement about Biden and Jews is ignorant and fact-free

The claim by the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) that President Biden “has been derelict in his duty to keep Jewish Americans safe” is “as ignorant and fact-free as anything the RJC has ever stated,” Democratic Jewish Outreach PA (DJOP) said today.

Jill Zipin, DJOP chair, said her board members “are saddened that the RJC, which purports to represent Jewish Republicans, instead continues to give aid and comfort to former President Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican supporters who have openly contributed to the growth of the antisemitic environment in our country.”

Zipin said:

“It is hard for us to understand how anyone can support a party that harbors candidates and elected officials who believe in the malevolence of the Jewish people.  The Republican Party has been infected by the disease of antisemitism.  Until it purges itself of Trump and of people such as US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, it should be considered unfit by any caring Jew.

“Who accused Jews of wanting to ‘control’ politicians by using our wealth? Zipin asked.  “It was not President Joe Biden.  It was Donald Trump.

“Who implied that Jews are not real Americans by telling us that Israel is ‘your country?’  It was not President Joe Biden.  It was Donald Trump.

“Who shared his dinner table with Kanye West after his antisemitic tirade and with Nick Fuentes, noted hater of Jews?  It was not President Joe Biden.  It was Donald Trump.

“Who said there were “some very fine people on both sides” of the hatred-chanting, torch-bearing white supremist anti-Jewish and racist mob in Charlottesville, VA in April of 2017?  It was not President Joe Biden.  It was Donald Trump.

“Who was President when the worst antisemitic attack in the history of the United States took the lives of 11 worshipers at the Tree of Life Synagogue on Oct. 27, 2018?  It was not President Joe Biden.  It was Donald Trump.

“And whose party harbors a Congresswomen who fantasizes in public about ‘Jewish space lazers’ starting wildfires in California?’  It is not President Joe Biden’s party.  It is Donald Trump’s party.

“The Republican Jewish Coalition should drop its fraudulent claim that it reflects the concerns of American Jews, and instead acknowledge that it is a mouthpiece for MAGA extremists who appear to be informed solely by classic antisemitic, anti-democratic fantasies.”

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