DJOP: US Rep. Scott Perry and St. Sen. Doug Mastriano ‘should resign in shame’ for roles in attempted coup

Democratic Jewish Outreach PA (DJOP) said that US Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA-10)
and St. Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33rd ) “should resign in shame because of the roles they
played in trying to engineer a coup of the federal government.”
Jill Zipin, DJOP Chair, said the hearings by the House January 6th Committee and its
final report issued Thursday “make it clear that both men violated their oaths of office in
working with former President Trump and his associates to reverse the results of the
2020 election when they knew they had no credible evidence to justify such a step.”
Zipin said the committee’s report describes how Perry tried to block certification of the
2020 election by spreading false information, and how he repeatedly urged the White
House to appoint environmental attorney Jeffrey Clark as U.S. Attorney General.
Clark at that time was using false claims to secure a special session of the Georgia
legislature to elect an alternative slate of pro-Trump electors after Trump lost the state
to President Joe Biden.
Zipin said the committee’s report also shows that Mastriano was in direct contact with
Trump and his assistants several times before the attack on the U.S. Capitol, and that
he wanted to pressure former Vice President Mike Pence to reject Pennsylvania’s
properly seated electoral voters.
It says that Mastriano was subpoenaed to testify before the House committee, but that
the information he provided was not “substantive.”
Zipin said Perry and Mastriano “should surrender their seats because both knowingly
sought to overturn the 2020 election by spreading false claims about improprieties in
Mastriano is one of four House members referred to the House Ethics Committee by the
January 6th Committee for defying the Committee’s subpoena.

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