DJOP asks Trump: ‘How can you look at yourself in a mirror’ after embracing antisemites West, aka ‘Ye,’ and Nicholas Fuentes?’

Democratic Jewish Outreach PA (DJOP) today asked former President Donald Trump how “how can you look at yourself in a mirror after embracing antisemites Kanye West, aka “Ye,” and Nicholas Fuentes?”

Jill Zipin, DJOP Chair, said also that Republican leaders and Jewish leaders who unequivocally refuse to denounce Trump’s association with Ye’s Holocaust denials and Fuentes’ racist and antisemitic rantings “bear responsibility for the violence that their ignorant harangues encourage.”

Zipin referenced Trump’s hosting of Ye and Fuentes at his Mar-a-Lago home for dinner last week.

“It stretches the band of credibility to believe Trump’s sad explanation that he didn’t know who Fuentes was,” she said. “The news media repeatedly has carried accounts of his pro-Hitler outbursts and his racist tirades. And Ye’s long list of pro-Hitler, antisemitic statements should make it clear that he does not deserve a seat at the former President’s table.”

Zipin said that Trump appears to be unaware and unconcerned about the rising number of antisemitic and racist incidents across the nation.

“We find it shocking that the ex-President has no understanding that the bigoted, foolish statements of Ye and Fuentes — two people who have no regard for the role that lies have played in creating inhumanity — clearly fuel violence and threats of violence,” she said.

She added that DJOP “is not surprised, but is disappointed, that the Zionist Organization of America refused to do the right thing to revoke the group’s Theodore Herzl Gold Medallion Award it bestowed on Trump two weeks ago.”


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