‘Where is your common sense?’ DJOP asks Oz for posing aside Hitler’s car

The Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania (DJOP) today asked Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz to explain “where is your common sense?” for posing alongside a car once owned by Adolf Hitler.

Jill Zipin, Chair of DJOP, issued a statement sharply criticizing Oz for delivering a campaign speech last Thursday in a museum in Santa Ana, CA while standing on a podium with Hitler’s Mercedes Benz in the background. Huffington Post called the car a “Hitlermobile.”

“Dr. Oz and his campaign have refused to answer any questions, as usual,” Zipin said. “We are left to wonder whether this was simply poor staff work, which is enough to question Dr. Oz’ credentials for serving in the U.S. Senate. Or was it an example of Dr. Oz’ continued blindness to the significance of genocide?”

Zipin said, “Sadly, we shouldn’t be surprised. This is not the first time Dr. Oz has failed to recognize genocide. The U.S. Senate, to which he aspires, in a unanimous vote recognized the 1915-17 genocide of Armenians by Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. But Dr. Oz has been silent on that genocide, and he has retained his Turkish citizenship.”

Oz’ $5,000 per person fundraiser at the Lyon Air Force Museum was hosted by the in-laws of accused sex trafficker U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL.)


Dr. Mehmet Oz in a speech at the Lyon Air Force Museum, Oct. 13, 2022.

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