US Supreme Court’s draft on abortion ‘has profound implications,’ says DJOP

Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania (DJOP) said today that the leaked draft of the US Supreme Court decision to eliminate the constitutional right to abortion “tragically will turn back the clock on the right that has protected American women since 1973.”
The draft “has profound implications,” said Jill Zipin, Chair of DJOP’s board of directors.
“The immediate impact will be seen in almost half of the states that have already banned or will significantly ban abortion. This decision clearly will provide the impetus for other states to undertake similar measures,” she said.
“Even if current state legislatures want to continue to protect the right to end a pregnancy, new legislatures controlled by a right-wing majority might easily pass laws to prevent a woman from exercising this right, even in cases of rape, incest or when the life of a mother is threatened.”
Zipin said that Pennsylvania almost certainly will be a battleground over this issue.
“If Republicans continue to control the state legislature and manage to elect our next governor, there will be nothing to prevent Pennsylvania from joining states such as Texas and Florida, where abortions already are all but impossible,” she said.
“Every one of the Republican gubernatorial candidates in Pennsylvania has pledged to end the constitutional right to abortion. This points to the urgency of electing pro-choice Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis as our next Governor and Lt. Governor.”

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