Attacks and votes against Jackson shameful and a disgrace

Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania (DJOP) today called the attacks and votes against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the U.S. Supreme Court “shameful and a disgrace to every Republican Senator who participated in the hypocritical and clearly political attempt to block her appointment to the Court.”
President Biden’s nomination was confirmed Thursday by the Senate in a 53 to 47 vote.
“Judge Jackson’s credentials for the Supreme Court are unquestionably outstanding,” said Jill Zipin, Chair of the DJOP.
“It was disheartening to see Republican senators use her nomination in an ill-advised attempt to score points for the 2022 mid-term election,” she said. “But it was even worse that they resorted to every delusional and discredited far right-wing conspiracy theory to appeal to the extremists in their party. It didn’t work, and it showed how completely empty the Republican Party is of ideas and integrity.
“It was embarrassing that Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey joined the irresponsible members of his party in voting against Judge Jackson. His party shouldn’t be surprised if voters remember this failed effort to block the first Black woman to be seated on the Supreme Court.”

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