DJOP Supporters Help Senator Casey’s Re-Election Campaign Get Off To A Fast Start

By DJOP’s Bill Epstein

A standing-room only crowd of more than 100 DJOP friends showed its strong support for U.S. Senator Bob Casey’s re-election campaign at a March 12 brunch hosted by Linda and William Madway. The group raised more $20,000 in important early funds for Senator Casey’s bid for a third term.

In stark contrast to many of his colleagues on the other side of the aisle, who have gone into hiding – refusing to take phone calls from their constituents or to hold in-person town hall meetings during the Senate and House district work period – Senator Casey mingled easily with the crowd before speaking and taking questions.

Senator Casey reads letter from distraught motherCasey detailed the assault by President Trump and Republicans on the Affordable Care Act, which has provided benefits to tens of millions of Americans and reduced the number of Americans without health insurance by more 20 million people. He promised to “fight like hell” to prevent the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. He also pledged to continue holding Trump and his administration responsible for its attacks on public education, its behind-the-scenes dealings with Russia, and its “discriminatory, un-American immigration orders that are making us less safe in the world.”

When asked what people can do to oppose and stall the Trump agenda, Senator Casey urged attendees to maintain pressure on Congressional leaders. He said the phone calls and other messages are getting through to Republicans and making a difference.

As it turned out, the brunch was a dress rehearsal for an even bigger event Senator Casey had on his schedule for March 12. Following the DJOP gathering, Senator Casey held a town hall at the Penn Museum on the University of Pennsylvania campus. A crowd of close to 750 people attended an responded enthusiastically to Pennsylvania’s senior senator. (Click here for details.)

We are very grateful to Senator Casey for meeting with us and sharing his views. And we appreciate the financial commitment and warm response to Senator Casey from DJOP supporters.


Casey Event Collage


DJOP would like to thank Bonnie Squires for the photos above.

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