The Case for Hillary Clinton

The two major party candidates running for President, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have sharply different visions for our country. Hillary wants to build on the progress of the past 8 years, unite our country, continue the fight for equal rights and opportunities for all, protect our environment, and keep our country and allies safe through strong, but smart policies and action.

On the other hand, Trump has and will to continue to divide our country through his hate-filled rhetoric. His economic policies will benefit the top 1% at the expense of the middle class and those climbing the ladder to the middle class. His trade policies will hurt, not help, America’s workers and consumers, and destabilize our international relationships. His proposed methods to keep America and the world safe are based on Constitutionally questionable tactics, bluster, and the over zealous use of force.

Hillary ClintonWhen it comes to Jewish values, Hillary has spent her adult years focusing on human rights, social justice, economic justice, and ending violence and oppression in America and across the globe. Through his words and deeds, Trump has shown himself to be completely at odds with Jewish values. Consider his divisive and untruthful rhetoric, fraudulent business practices, callous disregard for the less fortunate, and admiration of dictators.

While Hillary is a strong and reliable supporter of Israel, one cannot ignore the fact that despite his pandering, Trump has sent mixed and confusing messages regarding Israel’s safety, security, and economic growth. He also has made no effort to discourage his anti-Semitic and racist supporters in the alt-right.

Values, temperament, demeanor, and a lifetime of experience in public service do matter when selecting a President. For these reasons, and many more, Hillary Clinton is the best choice for President for all Americans, especially Jewish Americans. All of us must do everything we can to make sure Hillary Clinton is our next President. This is not a time to leave matters to someone else.

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