Update on DJOP’s 2016 Election Ad Campaign:

Why Your Vote Matters More Than Ever & What Else You Can Do To Make A Difference

To support Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty, Josh Shapiro, and the rest of the Democratic ticket running in Pennsylvania, Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania (DJOP) will be running ads in the Jewish Exponent, the Philadelphia Jewish Voice, and The Philadelphia Inquirer urging Jewish voters to get to the polls on November 8 and vote Democratic.

djop-ad-exponent_finalA draft of our ad appears on the left; click to enlarge. For those of you who have already contributed to our campaign, our sincere thanks! If you haven’t contributed yet, or if you want to increase your contribution, you can donate right now by clicking here.

Why should you donate to our ad campaign? Besides the obvious answer – to help elect Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates – donating to the DJOP campaign offers you a tremendous return on your investment of $50, $100, $250, or more.

Why is this? For one thing, you know exactly how your contribution will be spent. Second, we’re not attempting to raise millions of dollars. Our goal is to raise $12,000, so every contribution we receive is significant.

Lastly, our ads are targeting people like you who can make a real difference in the outcome of the election. Although we are a relatively small community, we may be the deciding group in Pennsylvania, and as many experts are saying, as Pennsylvania goes, so goes the election. Hillary currently leads Trump 61% to 19% among Jewish voters nationwide. (See results of AJC Survey of American Jewish Opinion.) But this will only matter if everyone in our community goes to the polls on November 8.

That’s why our ad campaign is so important, and why we need your help.Your contribution of $50, $150, $250, or more to Democratic Jewish Outreach PA will be used exclusively to purchase ads for the 2016 election cycle. To boost the credibility and persuasiveness of the ads, the names of all contributors will be listed, unless you request otherwise.

As an expression of our appreciation, if you contribute $50 or more to our ad campaign from September 28 through October 13, you will receive one ticket to our October 13 event, A Behind the Scenes Look: Ed Rendell on the 2016 Election, for each $50 you contribute. (Click here for more information about the event.) When you make your contribution to our ad campaign, there will be a link in your email receipt to a form you can use to specify whether you’d like to attend the event, and how you would like your name to appear in our ads. (You can also specify that you would like to remain anonymous.)

You can contribute online by clicking here. You can also donate by mailing a check, made payable to DJOP, c/o David Broida, 55 Booth Lane, Haverford, PA 19041.

Our great nation is truly at a crossroads. Through our combined efforts, we can elect Hillary, Katie, Josh, and the rest of Pennsylvania Democratic ticket. Thank you in advance for supporting Democratic Jewish Outreach of PA’s plans to do just that.

P.S.  Our ads will start appearing the last week of October. We need your contribution by October 15 to determine exactly how many ads we can buy, and to guarantee your name will be listed. So click here to make your contribution while it’s fresh in your mind.


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